Our Remodeling Process:

Design/Build Difference

Remodeling Your Kitchen or Bathroom:
The Design-Build Difference

Few things are more exhilarating than making the decision to remodel a space in your home – especially a vital space like your kitchen or bathroom. You’ve spent months, maybe even years, dreaming of it.

… Leafing through builders’ magazines… scanning luxury Real Estate and DIY blogs… making Pinboard upon Pinboard for your Kitchen Makeover Wish List ….

Then you finally pull the trigger and the whole project becomes overwhelming. Where do you even begin?

Of course there’s the traditional method of reaching out to a general contractor to get things moving, and that’s definitely an option. It just may not be the best option.

The Design-Build Model

You’ve probably come across the term “Design-Build” in your many hours of kitchen and bathroom remodeling research. It pops up a lot whenever you start looking into high-level construction or renovation projects – especially the projects that call for unique or personal design touches.

It’s used to describe a business model that’s becoming more and more popular across the wider industry, and for good reason. In Design-Build firms what used to exist as distinct project phases: design phase and construction phase, are combined to produce a more effective, cohesive, client-focused process for builders in both commercial and residential sectors.


It Really Just Makes Sense

Working with a Design-Build company to remodel your kitchen or bathroom differs from the more traditional “call-a-general-contractor” approach in a few fundamental (but important) ways.

  • • Project timelines speed up considerably compared to general contractor approach.
  • • You have one accountable entity for both design and construction elements.
  • • There’s less opportunity for errors or quality issues to occur.
  • • Homeowner is provided with a higher level of communication, and a higher level of confidence during production.

Total Quality Control

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Fewer Errors

Contractors usually send their clients to various showrooms to make product selections: cabinets in one, flooring and backsplashes in another, countertops in yet another, plumbing…you name it. This means a lot of different designers and entities get involved in selecting and ordering materials, which opens the door for errors to occur between parties. Not to mention it’s more of a challenge for you to see the whole set of selections together in one place.

With a Design-Build approach, quality control is measured under the same umbrella – beginning, middle and end. This more focused project management process results in a lack of disputes between designers and builders… as well as less risk for you, the homeowner.

Faster Construction

As with any major project, the less complicated the better. The less hoops there are to jump through, the sooner you’ll get to the finish line (with fewer hiccups along the way). That same principle applies here. By choosing a company with in-house designers, planners and builders, everything is totally streamlined. In fact, Design-Build projects are generally completed 33% faster than projects done in the traditional, more fragmented way.

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True Attention to Design

One of the biggest benefits to working with a Design Build firm for your kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel is their unique involvement in the initial design phase.  Our firm generates 3D renderings and images, down to the smallest measurement, so you can more easily visualize your new space prior to any commitment.  Kitchen Encounters also utilizes a complete kitchen and bath showroom space with samples of nearly every component needed to remodel those spaces.

Let’s face it. Most contractors aren’t designers. They aren’t trained to design kitchens and baths, much less utilize top-dollar software to create realistic renderings of your dream home.

Lancaster PA Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Kitchen Encounters is a full-service Design-Build Company based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

We’re a team of Kitchen and Bathroom professionals who specialize in every part of the remodeling process: from consultation and design to creation and completion. So eliminate the hassle and narrow the margin of error.

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