Remodeling Process

The Remodeling Process

A Little Bit About Determining Your Budget

It is important to set a realistic budget. An average complete kitchen remodel in central PA cost somewhere between $65,000 and $100,000, and full bath renovations usually start around $30,000 but can cost up to $60,000. Of course there are a number of factors that determine at which end of the spectrum you’re particular project will fall. Additionally, if your design demands a lot of customization or high end luxury features, even the top end of those ranges can easily be exceeded.

Decide what aspects of your new kitchen or bath are most important to you. There are numerous, less costly upgrades that can incrementally increase the beauty and value of your home. Despite what most people have heard from do it yourself programs and the media, it is extremely beneficial to communicate to your remodeling contractor, what your budget is. Simply being honest saves a lot of time and energy for both parties involved. Openly discussing the numbers helps to more efficiently establish a fair and accurate project estimate; with fewer surprises. Tell us your budget and we can help you decide which improvement features can create the most impact for what you can afford to spend.


The No Risk Window


The no risk window is a great time to gather information and get to know your remodeling contractor. At the on-site free consultation, ask any question you might have about the remodeling process, express any design ideas you may have, and discuss your budget expectations. Kitchen Encounters has highly experienced designers that can help you work through some of the many choices and decisions required in pulling off a successful kitchen or bath remodel. This initial no risk window of time, is also a good time to gather photos, watch design programs and really hone in on what you like, what you want, and most importantly how you hope to improve the use of your kitchen or bathroom spaces on a daily basis. The better acquainted you are with all of this, the more confident you’ll feel about your decisions, and the more impactful the remodel will be on your quality of life in the long term.

Preparing for Your Remodeling Project

It is important to remember that remodeling is not just a monetary investment. Be prepared to sacrifice time, convenience, and your normal way of life. It may sound traumatic, but if you organize your home ahead of time and expect the disruption of your everyday routine, it will be much less stressful.

Change is Inevitable

Despite Kitchen Encounters team having years of construction and design experience, being highly skilled as craftsman and tradespeople, being innovative and creative in our design efforts, having in place an efficient, organized building process, our best intentions, professional pride, and will to make every customer happy for having chosen Kitchen Encounters, change in plans happen.  Whether it is a hidden beam or ductwork, a product that in the catalog seemed perfect (but when seen in reality wasn’t), remodeling often has a certain element of change.  Be emotionally and mentally prepared to follow the wise adage of accepting the things you can’t realistically change (like that hidden beam) and also have the strength to choose to make a change if necessary (like opting for the more expensive product you really loved, as opposed to the cheaper one your budget maybe called for).  Just know that Kitchen Encounters people and process are there to provide you with an outcome that will provide you with enjoyment and an improved quality of life long after the remodel is complete.