Bathroom Remodeling

What to expect when remodeling your bathroom

Bathroom remodeling doesn’t have to be an overwhelming endeavor!  Schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced designers to find out how our award-winning design/ build process provides you with guidance, confidence and satisfaction.

First Steps:

  • • Schedule a free in home design consultation
  • • Discuss bathroom design and construction elements with your designer
  • • Establish a realistic project budget based on your requirements
  • • Acquire cash or financing for your remodel
  • • Meet at our showroom to review the preliminary design and estimate

Before 3


After 3


If after reviewing the initial design and estimate you decide to employ our services, Congratulations!  Now the real work begins!

Design and Product Selections

  • Work with your designer to refine and edit the initial design and scope of work to suit your individual needs and requirements
  • Make selections at our showroom to pick styles and colors for all of the design components being employed in the project

Contract Signing and Job Scheduling

  • Review the final design and scope of work, sign the contract documents
  • Make your partial deposit on the project
  • Establish start and finish dates for construction

Pre-construction Tasks

  • Empty your bathroom and other spaces as needed to prepare for construction
  • Prepare another bathroom for daily use if possible
  • Determine how your pets will be handled when work begins, and subcontractors start coming in and out of your home each day
  • Discuss with our client supervisor how we will be gaining access and securing your home

Before 4


After 4


What happens during construction varies and is customized to suit your individual project.  The primary factors impacting the remodel are the scope of work, the design, and the products selected for installation.


  • Begins with demolition and dust protection, ends with a final cleaning of the site
  • In short, our team of skilled professionals removes the old surfaces and replaces them with higher quality home improvement products
  • In the middle of construction, we sometimes discover hidden items that need addressed. Don’t worry!  These things are rarely expensive or difficult to resolve.
  • Construction can be somewhat stressful and messy at times. Be emotionally prepared for both!  It’s unavoidable, despite the best efforts and intentions of everyone involved.

Our team at Kitchen Encounters strives to be sensitive to your needs, careful with your home and belongings, and clean as we can possibly be during construction.  The more trust you have in those truths, the happier the remodeling process is for everyone.  Remodeling is a short term inconvenience at best, but it comes with some rewarding, long term quality of life improvements you will enjoy for many years.