Summertime… And The Living Is Easy

That’s Why Summer Is An Exceedingly Excellent Time To Install The New Kitchen That Will Make Your Home A Much Better Place To Live.

Summer means many good things, and one of the best is that life just seems a little more relaxed. That’s one strong reason why summer is a great season to install that awesome kitchen that you’ve been wanting for so long. The kitchen is truly the center of your home, and a spectacular kitchen that’s both beautiful and functional will make your home even more inviting, and it will certainly make your meal preparation much easier.

The warm weather offers many advantages for doing work inside your home, and here are X great reasons for you to install your new kitchen during the summer:

Reason #1. With work going on in the kitchen, you’ll have the perfect reason to cook on your grill every night. With your grill and your microwave hard at work, you’ll still be able to enjoy all your favorite meals in your modern version of a summer kitchen.

A Quick Kitchen History Lesson: Long ago, for a very practical reason, many homes had separate summer kitchens. On summer days before air conditioning, the house was already hot enough without adding the heat from the stove and the oven. So, many houses had summer kitchens that were either a part of the house away that was from the main living quarters or actually a separate building.

Recently, the concept of the summer, or outdoor kitchen, has been growing in popularity, and after you turn your patio or deck into your temporary summer kitchen this year, you may decide that a permanent summer kitchen would be a wonderful addition to your home. And if you do come to that realization, we can also build your summer kitchen.

Reason #2. While you’re enjoying your summer kitchen, you can also enjoy the abundance of fresh, local produce that isn’t available during the cooler months. Nothing says summer more deliciously than fresh sweet corn, and that corn is never better than it is when it’s fresh off the grill.

Reason #3. We may be able to do much or all of the work while your family is on vacation, and this may be the best summer advantage of all. The longer hours of daylight allow workers to accomplish more in a working day, and if you schedule your vacation and your kitchen renovations for the same time, you may be on the beach in New Jersey or in the South of France during your entire construction project.

You can say good-bye to your old kitchen when you leave, and find your sparkling new kitchen waiting for you when you return. That’s a summer bonus that might actually make you eager to get back from vacation.

Reason #4. When you install your new kitchen during the summer, you’ll be ready for family and friends to gather around the table or the counter or the center island in the fall and winter, when people spend more time indoors.

Reason #5. Summer is inspiring. We already have long days, and the sunshine pouring into your home may be filling you with ideas on how to make your kitchen brighter and more functional. So look around and envision the kitchen that will fill all your needs and all your desires. Think of the gourmet cook that you’ll become when you have the finest appliances and the most efficient layout. Imagine the warmth that you’ll feel when the cooler weather comes again. Then call us today to take advantage of all the advantages that you’ll enjoy by scheduling your new kitchen for a summer installation.

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