Give Your Kitchen Some Dash With A Gorgeous Backsplash

Use A Colorful or A Classic Backsplash To Unite All The Elements Of Your New Kitchen

Backsplash Basics

A backsplash is a section of material that goes behind a counter. The most common areas for backsplashes are kitchens and bathrooms, and the initial purpose of a backsplash was to make cleaning easier. For example, a tile backsplash behind a stove will be much easier to clean than a painted wall or a wall covered with wallpaper behind that same stove.

Backsplashes have always been functional additions to a room, and in recent years, backsplashes have acquired a highly decorative nature. Done well, a backsplash adds color and style to a kitchen and serves as a focal point that pulls all the other parts of the room together.

A backsplash can range in size from the area directly behind the stove to an entire wall, and the materials that you can use have no limitations – at least as long as they’re easy to clean. So, here’s a list of reasons to include a backsplash in the new kitchen that Kitchen Encounters designs and installs for you:

5 Benefits of a Kitchen Backsplash:

  1. Mood lifter
  2. Easy to clean
  3. The Wow Factor
  4. Limitless Options
  5. Adds value to kitchen and home
  • A Mood Lifter – Whenever you walk into your delightful kitchen and see your beautiful backsplash, you’ll immediately feel good.
  • Makes Cleaning Easy – And, you’ll feel even better after the meal because if you do happen to make a mess when you cook, cleaning will be easy.
  • The Wow Factor means that when your friends see your new kitchen with its amazing backsplash, they’ll want to get their own new kitchen with an even more striking backsplash.
  • Almost Limitless Options – You can build a backsplash out of a long list of materials. Ceramic tile is the most popular, and you can use everything from stainless steel to stone to glass.

The most amazing backsplash that we’ve ever seen uses Blue LEDs to highlight a white background. This design definitely isn’t for everyone, but you can be sure that if you choose to do something like it, no one who sees it will ever forget it, and it will definitely lift your mood every time you hit the light switch.

If you have a favorite picture or painting, you can that into a backsplash. Think of how nice it would be on a snowy winter day to come into your kitchen and see a backsplash that shows your lawn and gardens in their summer splendor.

Increased Home Value – You probably won’t be thinking of this when you design the brilliant backsplash for your new kitchen, but you’ll be adding value to your home, just in case you ever do decide to sell. Real estate experts agree that an upgraded kitchen returns more than its cost, and an excellent kitchen also has a strong psychological selling advantage.

If prospective buyers see a dated and dull kitchen, one of the first thoughts that will enter their minds is that they’ll have to spend many thousands of dollars on top of the purchase price to get their kitchen where they want it. So, a modern kitchen with a brilliant backsplash will be a huge asset when you’re selling your home.

For reasons both practical and beautiful, a backsplash is a valuable addition to your kitchen. Here at Kitchen Encounters, we’re ready to turn your backsplash vision into the centerpiece of your spectacular kitchen, so give us a call, and we’ll get started on bringing your backsplash to the front of your spectacular new kitchen.

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