Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Island

Remodeling your kitchen is a big project. It’s an opportunity to transform your cooking space into a living space – to mold a facility into a family room. Atmosphere and practicality are the heavy-weights in home makeovers, and one of the best ways to focus your vision in a sustainable, economical, and versatile way is to incorporate an island into your kitchen design.

Decide What You’re After in an Island

Islands can almost double as second kitchens if they’re designed properly. Take some time to consider what you need first. In what areas does your kitchen need improvement? Sink space? Counter Space? Surface materials? Storage? If you’re an entertainer, for instance, consider an island with a wine rack or a cooler. Or perhaps your baked goods are the talk of the town and you could really use some extra marble counter space to help with your doughs. This decision is all up to you, and it will give your design some definite direction.

Make Your Island a Multipurpose Masterpiece

You’ve got an idea of the main function of your island – so now it’s time to play with the possibilities. Customize your island into one of the most versatile and worthy investments in your home:

  • Make it a service center for breakfasts and brunches
  • Add a deep sink and another stove for those more complicated culinary adventures
  • Store the cookware and dishes you don’t use as often
  • If you’ve got pets, you can finally give them a clean, sustainable feeding area (with a place to keep all of their food and treats)
  • Add extra, personalized cooking space
  • Center and accentuate a hanging array of pots and pans
  • Wow guests with an all-purpose coffee and cake station
  • Give company an area for finger-foods and friendly conversation

This One’s All About You

What’s really lacking in most kitchens? What’s the missing link that has most people dreaming of a do-over on one of the most important spaces in their home? Personality, that’s what – why adjust to your kitchen, when your kitchen can be adjusted to you? Pick the atmosphere you’ve always wanted. Choose colors and materials that are different yet complimentary. Go with contemporary or classic, rustic or French chateau, southern country or modern minimalist – Go head, the sky’s the limit!

If you’ve been dreaming of a kitchen remodel but can’t decide how to fit it all into a single station, or if your new kitchen layout is still missing that special something – then take those big ideas and put them into a dynamic, versatile, personalized island… built for you, your needs, your wants, and your attitude.

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